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Migrating from Enterprise Planning to TM1

I came across this via Perficient on Twitter. Migrating from Enterprise Planning to TM1 – A Best Practices Case Study, Featuring Ryerson. You can Follow us on Twitter here.

3 Types of Rules TM1 Developers should know

We’ve gone through our notes for training our staff and aside from basic equation rules we have listed three classes of common rules which TM1 Developers should be familiar with. If you haven’t ever had to write one of these rules before, you should try it – it would be good practice, because we’ve all seen [‘Sales $’] = N: [‘Units’] * [‘Price’] example far too many times! I’ve boiled … Continue Reading

TM1 Perspectives (for Excel) Report Methods

Here is another minor extract from TM1 training material. We talk through the common sustainable reporting methodologies within TM1 Perspectives for Microsoft Excel. These being: Static/Standard Reporting Active Form Reports Filter Reporting MDX Reporting VUSLICE Reporting This isn’t an exhaustive list, but we believe these are reporting styles TM1 Consultants should at the very lease know of. The common methodologies for reporting from TM1 Servers within Microsoft Excel: Name Description Usage … Continue Reading

TM1 Feature Stack – Diagram

Here we have two diagrams which were created for Official TM1 Training, which show how some of the different components within the IBM Cognos TM1 Product set interact with one another. The first diagram shows specific components and the second shows an implementation example. Diagram 1:   Diagram 2:

Official IBM Documentation

With the installation of TM1, comes some impressive documentation worth reading through in your spare time. Here is a breakdown of the relevant resources provided by IBM Cognos: Documentation Table of Official IBM Cognos TM1 Documentation Throughout Official TM1 training we reference these documents from time to time and ask trainees to read through specific Chapters and attempt Exercises as guided. Documentation is held in a Folder under the … Continue Reading