Monthly Archives: September 2011

Regarding SwapAliasWithPrincipalName – TI Function

There has been a little buzz about a relatively new TI Function which can rename elements – technically speaking it will swap the element’s principal name with the specified alias. The reason this is such a big feature is that there has never been a mechanism before within TM1 for renaming elements – previously data had to be manually copied out of one element into another, which is also why … Continue Reading

Neglected Functionality – TM1 Data Spreading

Often overlooked and underused, TM1’s Data Spreading Options provide spectacularly advanced features and simple solutions to every day planning problems. I’ll quickly cover some of the most common uses of spreading functions, but before I do it should be noted that Cube Rules and Data Spreading do not play nice. Rules and even Conditional Rules which evaluate to STET can prevent the ability to use Data Spreading Features. Spreading By-Product – Copying … Continue Reading

3 Cardinal Rules of Sustainable TM1 Development

Never use Names or Descriptions as Elements. This is because change is inevitable, one day that account name will change, and with how TM1 stores data against elements the chances are that a new account will be added with the new name and your data will change paths, starting in the old account name and swapping into the new account from its addition date forward. The alternative is to store … Continue Reading