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How to Import all Files in a Directory

We’ve recently been on a Property Management project using TM1 to deliver a Management, Planning and Reporting Solution. The Client has properties which are managed by an external property manager who produces tenancy schedules and general ledger reports for data consumption. The Problem: Every properties reports would come from the external property manager in a different file. Making the process to load these into TM1 only mildly faster than using … Continue Reading

Guest Post: Sorting TM1 Text Output – Wim Gielis

First of all, thanks to Ben for inviting me to write this guest article. The case is as follows. Recently, the customer wanted an export from a cube view showing monthly revenue values per project. The user should open the exported file in Excel, modify and import back into TM1. Exporting data to a text file format like .CSV or .TXT is not an issue; an ASCIIOUTPUT() or TEXTOUTPUT() function … Continue Reading

Sending Emails from TM1 (Part 1: Plain Text)

Sending Emails from TM1 – Using HTML Problem: Although some additional components of TM1 have built-in email functionality, TM1 does not have email functionality built into its ETL Engine. Solution Process: Within a TI Process output text to a file to be used as the body of the email to be sent. Execute an email script command to send off the email to recipients. Executing the TI script: The TM1 … Continue Reading

Exercise: TM1 Sales Cube Challenge

The TM1 Sales Cube Challenge is designed to test your knowledge of TM1 in a problem-solving situation. Complete it and write up your findings as if you are in a consulting engagement and send the model and your report to [email protected]

Nightly TM1 Backups

All data pertaining to a TM1 server is typically held in a single folder we call the Data Directory. We recommend you backup this folder at the very least weekly. Although most servers have automatic backups owned by the IT Department it can be beneficial to have an archive backup (*.zip file) taken regularly which enables (subject to licenses) a TM1 Administrator to run a backup in parallel with their production server … Continue Reading

Nightly/Weekly TM1 Restart Implementation

Its generally a good idea to restart TM1 Servers regularly. Typically we recommend restarting the instance weekly but if your TM1 Server is over 16GB in Memory you should try for nightly restarts. This is because TM1’s memory consumption grows as TM1 is used and TM1 will never release memory once consumed until the application is restarted. The ideal TM1 Restart solution: Create a TI Process which will Save the … Continue Reading