Monthly Archives: November 2011

CubeSpy TM1 Server Monitor – Open Beta Release!

CubeSpy Server Monitor provides TM1 Administrators with visibility and notifications about what their TM1 Servers are doing. Features: Connect to Multiple TM1 Servers of Different Versions. Monitor as many TM1 Servers as you have. Profile Creation – Group Servers by Version, Location. Windows Tray Icons Displaying Server Queues Graph with Color Coding Monitor User Idle Time as well as Standard Activity Time. Broadcast Messages to all users on a Server. … Continue Reading

Applied Dimensionality – Hyperthreading?

Just came across this great piece on the Applied Dimensionality blog. “This’ll be a bit long (but with a hidden bonus for attentive reader), so I’ll start from conclusions. If you’re using a recent server with Intel CPUs, you’d better check whether they have Hyper-Threading (HT) and try turning it off to gain 2x speed boost. How to do it:” View this Blog Post @ Applied Dimensionality.