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TM1 Performance Modeler Not Opening

I have been battling with opening Performance Modeler for a couple of weeks where I would start the application, get the “log on as” screen, put my details in (that are valid), select the server and click Ok. Then the status bar on the splash screen advances to about 20% and then it hangs. Very, very frustrating! I spoke with IBM who eventually suggested a solution that worked. Here is … Continue Reading

Multi Threaded Queries (MTQ)

Much Faster Processing with MTQ in TM1 TM1 traditionally uses a single core or thread per task.  What this means is that when a user opens a view for a cube (or a TI or Cognos BI opens a view), that view is created by a single core. Recently IBM changed TM1 so that it now can use multi threaded queries and it is almost a linear improvement in performance, roughly … Continue Reading

Annotations in TI Processes

When you first open up a Turbo Integrator script you will notice the text at the top of the Advanced tab tabs with a “#” in front of each line to show you the automated script that has been created. Use this as a prompt to then annotate what different sections of Turbo Integrator scripts do.  For example “#Convert date to sYear and sMonth” which could then be followed by the code to … Continue Reading

How to Enable the TM1 Advanced Rules Editor

The TM1 Advanced Rules Editor colour codes different sections of TM1 rules and generally makes editing rules much easier. Here is how to enable the TM1 Advanced Rules editor.

TM1Top in Cognos Express

I had a runaway process in TM1 today.  Took 8 hours to complete with a minor error in it on each row… I then couldn’t kill it short of restarting the server.  TM1Top would have allowed me to kill this process and go back to work This great little tool shows what is happening in TM1 and what users are connected at any one time.  It does not come with Cognos Express … Continue Reading

Using a Framework Manager Package as a Data Source

You can use data published through Cognos BI as a data source for TM1.  I had heaps of trouble trying to make this to work. It was very frustrating, but I think worthwhile. So why bother I hear you ask first up. Well I reckon that in a combined BI & TM1 environment, having a data set that uses a common metadata layer for both BI and TM1 makes sense. … Continue Reading

Turbo Integrator Variable Type Quick Change

What a great trick for assigning Variable Types in TI’s – thanks to MafiaMan for this. When setting up Variables in a TI process, you can select the type for all variables in the Variables tab just by dragging your mouse over them and then change the last one to, say “Other”. They will all get changed to Other. Somewhat faster than changing each variable individually!

.pro files (no, not profiles, but “.pro files”

.pro files are a magic little file that is saved in the TM1 data folder (along with dimensions, models, feeders, cubes etc). You can read them with a text editor or email them to someone so they can scan your code and help with a problem (mine was a misplaced ENDIF!). Thanks guru for sorting that one while on the way to the airport!

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