Monthly Archives: October 2014

Scan TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

Scan is a TM1 function that find the numeric position of the first instance of a specified substring within a string. If the substring is not found, it returns zero. It is essentially the same as the FIND command in Excel and CHARINDEX in SQL Server. Syntax of SCAN The syntax is: SCAN(substring, string); where substring is the substring you want to find string is the string you are evaluating both substring and … Continue Reading

Using STET and CONTINUE in TM1 Rules

Using STET and CONTINUE in TM1 rules to indicate if the rule sheet should continue to execute for the current intersection. This is really useful to place at the top of a rule sheet to limit what intersections are calculated.

Empty Square Brackets in a TM1 Rule

Ever wondered why some TM1 rules have empty square brackets (like this [ ] )? Well MafiaMan just explained it to me.  Really simple, but also extraordinarily powerful.  What it means is that the all intersections of a cube are impacted by the rule. For example.  We wanted to limit the use of a set of rules to the children only of part of the business structure.  So we created a rule … Continue Reading