Monthly Archives: June 2015

Exporting Data from TM1 to an External Database

I needed to create a rollup in a data warehouse the other day from elements that are stored in TM1. This process works just as well for SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 or any other database engine. Simple Method to get data out of TM1 and into a Database Simply, the easiest way to get data out of TM1 and into a database is to publish it out of TM1 using … Continue Reading


The CellIsUpdateable function allows us to test if a cell in a cube can be written to.  If true, the function returns a 1, if false a 0. Syntax of CellIsUpdateable The syntax is CellIsUpdateable(Cube, element1, element2, elementn); where: Cube, is the cube you are testing, Element1, is an element from the first dimension of that cube that is at the intersection to be tested, Element2, is an element from the second dimension of that … Continue Reading

Change Cognos Express Backup Location

Cognos Express has an internal backup tool that collects almost everything into a single backup.  It is run from the Cognos Express Manager screen manually.  By default it stores the backups it creates inside the installation folders of CX.  Saved here, they are easily lost and also easy to delete when upgrading Cognos Express (where you need to do a full uninstall). As you need to restore one of these … Continue Reading