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Null Values in a Turbro Integrator Process

I recently needed to check some data I was loading via a Turbo Integrator process in TM1 for Null values. I thought there’d be something like an IsNull (like in Excel), but found no direct TI command to check values being loaded if they are Null or not. The Solution for Null Values in a TI As you would know, TM1 only stores values as String or Numeric. If it … Continue Reading

DBRW TM1 Excel Syntax and Use

DBRW is an Excel based function for use with TM1 that retrieves a value from a specific intersection of a cube TM1. Example I have a Sales Analysis cube with the following dimensions: Year, Month, Customer, Product, Measures.  I want the intersection of: 2015 (Year), Oct (Month), The Corner Cafe (Customer), Coffee (Product) and Sales $ (Measure). If I open Architect and navigate to this intersection, it says $1,230.00. I now want to … Continue Reading

DBRA TM1 Excel Syntax and Use

Use, Syntax and Example of DBRA with TM1 and Planning Analytics for Excel based reports to display the contents of an Attribute in the Excel sheet.

Display TM1 Attributes in Excel

Question How do I display a TM1 Attribute in an Excel report? Answer The easiest way present a TM1 attribute in an Excel report is to use a DBRW, DBR or DBRA and refer to the control cube for the relevant dimension in the Excel formula. Example I have a dimension called Customer.  In this dimension there is an attribute called Channel. There is an element called “Fred Bloggs” (he’s a customer) and … Continue Reading

Installing TM1 Top

Have you ever wanted to use TM1 Top with Cognos Express?  Well as of 10.2 it is not available by default in CX.  You might even be wondering why you would want to use TM1Top?  Well, if like me, you have created a process that has then sent the server into a tail spin and need to kill it, then you will need TM1 Top. The trick for installing TM1 … Continue Reading

CubeSaveData TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

This is just like the SaveDataAll command, except it is cube specific, rather than saving the data for all cubes.  Thus if you have an environment where you have a bunch of cubes where data is being constantly entered (like a planning application) and you also have some analytic cubes that are refreshed from a data warehouse every day, you might like to consider saving the new data in each … Continue Reading

SaveDataAll TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

As you undoubtedly know, TM1 is an “in memory” application, in that the data resides completely in memory in much the same way as Microsoft Excel.  And just like Excel, where if you quit from Excel before saving, you loose your data, in TM1, if you shut down TM1 without saving the data, you loose it.  To get around this there is a command you can use in a Turbo Integrator … Continue Reading

TM1 SaveDataAll Data Locks

Recently I encountered a situation where we had a SaveDataAll process running every half hour that had started impacting the system performance.  The environment is largely for enterprise planning and we wanted the protection of having TM1 saved to disk regularly through the day to protect against any unforeseen outages. This was largely able to be executed in a couple of seconds and thus had no real impact. Then we added … Continue Reading