Monthly Archives: May 2016

Email TI Process and Chore Results

Need to email your TM1 Admin upon a TI failure? TM1 models are usually updated from a third party data source. Sometimes those loads fail and TM1 does a great job in recording in its log files what caused the error.  What it doesn’t do out of the box is email the TM1 administrator of the failure. We have a standard method that involves having a process that executes a Windows … Continue Reading

String Rules

I went to create a rule to calculate some string rules today and I kept getting a rule error saying that I had an invalid expression. Thankfully the solution was pretty easy! Situation I have a cube where I have an element that indicates if a set of days are to be included in a forecast inventory calculation or not. I could have combined all of this into a complex rule, however … Continue Reading

Deriving an Element from an Alias in TM1

Today I needed to look up an element name from an alias. The solution involved combining the use of Dimix and DimNm. Problem The situation was that I have a System Settings cube which derives the date and subsequently the year, month and day from the date. The month is string and in the form “03”. I wanted to add an element that is also string that shows the month … Continue Reading

Refresh TM1 Contributor Approval Hierarchy

I was just updating the approval hierarchy on a TM1 Contributor model and could not see the changes through on the web app.  Odd, I thought. So I did some digging around and found that the solution to that specific problem is to re-save the Rights in Performance Modeller even if you have no rights in there in the first place.  Some what counter-intuitive I reckon! So the whole process … Continue Reading