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TM1 Stargate Views Explained

This is a fabulous article from our friends at Ironside in the US. The original article is available here. There are various approaches available to enhance the performance of your TM1 application. One such approach is to leverage Stargate Views. Stargate Views are different from traditional view objects and represent cached subsections of cubes that get created through user experience. As users browse cubes via the Cube Viewer or consume cube … Continue Reading

Ambiguous Element Name: TM1 Rule Error

I recently opened a rule and made a very minor change, then wend to save it and got a really odd error that had nothing to do with the changes I had made to the rule. The error said “Error: Element name ambiguous ‘Current Year’”. This seemed rather odd as had not made any changes that had anything to do with time. Then I remembered that I had added an … Continue Reading

TODAY TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

TODAY simply returns the current system date as a string in the form ‘yy-mm-dd’, or if you want, in the format ‘yyyy-mm-dd’. Syntax of TODAY The syntax is Today ( FourDigitYearFlag); where: FourDigitYearFlag – can be either omitted or 0 or 1, where omitted or 0 will return the 2 digit year and a 1 will return a 4 digit year. Example Assuming the current system date is 07 June … Continue Reading

STR TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

STR is a TM1 function that converts a number to string. It is very similar to the Excel function “TEXT”, except you don’t need to specify the format of the output. If you are looking for the command to convert a string into a number, please see the Numbr function. Syntax of STR STR (number, length, decimal); where: number – the actual number you want to convert, length – the length of … Continue Reading