Monthly Archives: July 2016

ItemReject TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

Sometimes we want to put some text directly into the TM1 Message log to record why something is occurring in a TM1 Turbo Integrator process. This function will place the current record into the TM1 message log along side a custom message. ItemReject Syntax The syntax is simply ItemReject(ErrorString); where ErrorString is the message you want put in the TM1 Message log along side the record. Example and Usage of ItemReject … Continue Reading

IBM Planning Analytics Review

Last week on the Infocube website we published a review of IBM Planning Analytics, otherwise known as hosted TM1, or TM1 in the Cloud, or SaaS TM1.  We covered things like: What is Planning Analytics Using Perspectives and Guided Exploration with Planning Analytics Visualisations Uploading Data and Security Why would you use Planning Analytics Inclusion of Cognos BI Licencing for Existing TM1 Users Where to from here We think it is … Continue Reading

ViewZeroOut TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

I came across this extremely simple method of just zapping the data from a view in a TM1 cube today, ViewZeroOut literally removes all data from a view. . Syntax The syntax is just ViewZeroOut ( cubename, viewname ); where cubename – is the name of the cube you want to remove data from, and viewname – is the name of the view Example sCube = ‘Assumption’; sView = ‘This Year’; … Continue Reading