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How to Add an Existing TM1 Server (Model)

Sometimes we will want to add a copy of an existing TM1 model (server) to our TM1 environment. We might want to do this if, for example, we want to have a Development and Production model that are separated, but on the same server, or we might have been sent a model by someone else and want to be able to use it. To do it is dead easy!

How to Add an Existing TM1 Model

Here’s how to copy and add an existing TM1 server (or model):

  1. Find the existing folder containing the TM1 model you want to copy.  It’ll be something like c:TM1_Servers, or if you’re using Cognos Express, it will be the CXMD folder inside your install directory (note though that you may not be licenced to have multiple TM1 models (servers) if you are using Cognos Express).
  2. Create a new folder at the install directory.
  3. Copy the contents of the original model and paste into the new folder.
  4. Edit tm1s.cfg so that it is pointing to the correct paths for data, logging etc.
  5. Change the security mode if required.
  6. Open Cognos Config (for TM1).
  7. Under Data Access, add a new resource.
  8. Browse to the folder you created above
  9. Save it all
  10. Open Windows Services and change the new service to run using a service account.
  11. Right click on the new Server and click Start. If it fails, it will likely be settings inside tm1s.cfg.
  12. Open Architect, refresh and login.


If, instead of copying and adding an existing TM1 model, you want to create a new TM1 server, please read this post.

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