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Application Maintenance TI Process Package

This is a transferred out package contains a number of turbo integrator processes that demonstrates the use of application maintenance utility.  This TI process package can by imported directly into an existing TM1 server instance, or run from a completely separate stand-alone TM1 server instance.

Here is a list of objects included in this package:

  • Brief instructions on how to ‘install’ and use this package
  • Cube: Parameter cube, and relevant dimensions
  • TI: Activate an application
  • TI: Deactivate an application
  • TI: Deploy an application
  • TI: Export rights to file
  • TI: Import rights from file
  • TI: Refresh rights of an application
  • TI: Reset application states
  • TI: Disable a TM1 server
  • TI: Enable a TM1 server
  • TI: Generate an encrypted password file

Performance Modeler – Transfer Out Package: Application Maintenance Utility TI Processes
TI Processes in a Zip: Application Maintenance Utility TI Processes


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