Application Maintenance TI Process Package

This is a transferred out package contains a number of turbo integrator processes that demonstrates the use of application maintenance utility.  This TI process package can by imported directly into an existing TM1 server instance, or run from a completely separate stand-alone TM1 server instance.

Here is a list of objects included in this package:

  • Brief instructions on how to ‘install’ and use this package
  • Cube: Parameter cube, and relevant dimensions
  • TI: Activate an application
  • TI: Deactivate an application
  • TI: Deploy an application
  • TI: Export rights to file
  • TI: Import rights from file
  • TI: Refresh rights of an application
  • TI: Reset application states
  • TI: Disable a TM1 server
  • TI: Enable a TM1 server
  • TI: Generate an encrypted password file

Performance Modeler – Transfer Out Package: Application Maintenance Utility TI Processes
TI Processes in a Zip: Application Maintenance Utility TI Processes


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4 comments on “Application Maintenance TI Process Package

  1. Art says:

    Hi Matthew!

    May I ask if this package is applicable to 10.1.1? I saw it contains TI that resets application states.

    I’m currently developing an approval application that needs to be reset every Monday. We decided that it is not ideal to reset it manually every Monday, thru’ the reset icon in the TM1 Applications portal. So what I did initially is to identify the }TP processes that are called every time the reset icon in the web is clicked. So I was able to identify those }TP processes. I was even able to supply the parameters. I set a chore that will run every Monday morning calling a TI that contains these }TP processes. Eventually the nodes’ states really do reset to being available.

    The only problem is, once the application is reset thru a custom-made TI, when any user tries to own, submit, reject, or release etc., the node states don’t refresh/ don’t change at all no matter how long I wait, no matter how many times I click the Refresh icon in that page. The only chance I’ll see the new states of these nodes is when I refresh the browser. Because normally, when you try to like own, submit, reject a node, the state icon automatically changes even if you just hover in the portal page.

    That’s why I got interested on your post, may be the TI you provided would work for me.

    I tried importing your TI processes, but it seems not work. Specifically in calling the .bat file. I’m not sure if the TIs you provided generates that .bat or it is part of the package you posted.


    Thanks. 🙂


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