AttrDelete TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

To delete an attribute in TM1 or Cognos Express during the execution of a Turbo Integrator process we use the AttrDelete function.

Syntax of AttrDelete

The syntax is:

AttrDelete ( DimName, AttrName); where:

  • DimName – is the name of the dimension that you want to delete an attribute
  • AttrName – is the name of the new attribute you are deleting


DimName = ‘Employees’;

AttrDelete ( DimName, ‘Status’ );

Here we have defined a variable called DimName with ‘Employees’ in the Prolog. Then lower down in the Prolog we have used the variable to tell the Attr Delete to remove the attribute called ‘Status’ in the Employees dimension.

Real World Usage

Interestingly immediately after to this function in our TI used AttrInsert to re-insert the attribute. The combination of the two functions effectively clears out all the values in the attribute before then on the Metadata or Data tab we re-populate it with current information.

This function can only be used in Turbo Integrator processes.

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