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Automating Data Transfers between TM1 Servers

Replicating a Cube from a one TM1 Server into another has never been easier. Follow the steps below to copy a cube from one server to another (this includes synchronising TM1 Dimensions). This process uses the ODBO Provider for TM1 and generated MDX.

I was going to show how to create an MDX Query for the desired cube but as it turns out you can select ODBO Cube as the data type and TurboIntegrator will work out all the other details.

To begin:

1. Open TM1 Server Explorer and login to the destination server, from here we will create a Turbo Integrator Process which imports the cube from the source server.

2. Create a new TI Process by right clicking on “Processes” and “Create New Process”. Save this empty process as “Data Import – *CubeName* from *Source Server Name*”. e.g. “Data Import SalesCube from Planning Sample”.

3. From the Datasource list on the left of the screen select “ODBO” and “Cube”.

4. Select the “IBM Cognos TM1 OLE DB MD Provider” and enter your source TM1 Server’s details as in the screenshot below.

ODBO Field Definitions:

    • ODBO Datasource – TM1 Adminhost
    • ODBO Catalog – TM1 Server Name
    • ODBO UserID – TM1 Username
    • ODBO Password – TM1 Password

4. Press the “Connect” button to test that the source TM1 server can be reached and that we do not have any network problems between the servers.

5. From the options select the obvious choices, for simply moving data between cubes use the “Update Cube” Option. If the cube doesn’t presently exist in the destination server use the “Create Cube” Option and change it later to “Update Cube”. Otherwise mirror the settings below for a basic transfer into an existing cube with the same dimensionality.

6. Save and Execute the Turbo Integrator Process to start the initial transfer.

Note: Depending on the size of the source cube this may take a while but you should see a record count upon execution.

If you want to have the exact same data in both servers you need to remember to manually copy the rules from the Source server also as a once off task. This is not managed by this data transfer operation.


If you would like assistance developing Turbo Integrator Processes or Cube Rules for your TM1 Solution, the friendly team of Consultants at InfoCube Consulting Australia can help. Further more, if you enter your details in the contact form here the team will contact you.







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