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Display TM1 Attributes in Cognos Analytics Crosstab

Here is how to create a Cognos Analytics Crosstab and use the contents of a TM1 Attribute for the rows, rather than the element IDs from TM1.

How to Change TM1 to use Cognos Security (CAM)

This is a comprehensive guide to configuring TM1 to use Cognos CAM security. It includes why you might connect Cognos security to TM1, TM1 environment changes and how to deploy and configure the BI Interop files to your BI application and gateway servers.

Setting Dimension Order for a TM1 Cube

Dimension order within cubes in TM1 is important not only for performance, but also for usability. When should you set the order for usability and when for performance? And how do you optimise the dimension order for performance? All these questions and more are addressed in this post from ExploringTM1.

Integrating TM1 with Cognos Workspace

One of the really cool features of the integration between TM1 and Cognos is the ability to import views of Perspectives worksheets from TM1 into Cognos BI where they can then be used for both analyses and for write-back. Imagine you had a simple variance analysis TM1 Perspectives form. GL accounts, Actuals for this month and last month, variance calculations for both value and percentage and an explanation column for … Continue Reading

TM1/Cognos Security Integration Gremlin

Weird. That’s all I can say. We have been doing a significant project with complex calculations done in TM1 and a front end with Cognos BI reports. We now have the integration working perfectly with TM1 cubes performing brilliantly in BI, TM1 cubes able to have data entered into them from Cognos Workspace and security integrated from multiple AD servers via Cognos groups and roles to both Cognos and TM1. Integrated … Continue Reading

How to Rename a TM1 Model

Renaming a TM1 model is relatively easy. To change the name of a TM1 model (or instance or server name) do the following: Open tm1s.cfg for the model concerned. Find “ServerName” Edit the value after the equals sign to reflect the new model name Save tm1s.cfg Open Cognos Configuration for TM1 Change the name of the TM1 Server Save Cognos Configuration Start the TM1 Server (right click, start) in Cognos Configuration … Continue Reading

Automatically Add Formatting to a Cognos Report on a TM1 Cube

So I have my TM1 cube successfully published to Cognos BI.  I have the sort order defined so that I have my elements of my PnL appearing in the right order.  All good.  Now I look at the resulting report and there is no formatting of different elements.  Simple formatting like a single line above subtotals and a double underline below the grand total.  What accountants really want in a … Continue Reading

Sort Order of a TM1 Dimension in Cognos BI

This morning I have been working with Cognos BI over a TM1 cube.  I was frustrated that I couldn’t work out how to sort a dimension the way I wanted it.  For example, in TM1 I have a PnL dimension and is viewed normally with Net Profit after Tax at the bottom, Tax Expense just up from it, Net Profit before Tax above that and then all the way up … Continue Reading

Add a TM1 cube to BI in Cognos Express

This is quite easy. Just go to Cognos Express Manager (http://servername:19300/cognos_express/manager/), click on Data, Select the Data Source Type as TM1, then enter the name you want to call it in BI, the servername as the Administration Host, the TM1 server name (“CXMD”), the TM1 cube name you want to add to BI and finally the namespace (“CognosExpress”).    

Using TM1 Aliases in Cognos BI

Often we build a TM1 dimension using codes or ID’s from another system.  For example Product ID’s or Customer Codes.  These are not particularly usable to most people, so we then usually create Aliases in TM1 as well.  Those aliases are visible through in Cognos BI.  Therefore when defining a dimension in TM1 when it is likely that it will be used in Cognos BI, also add an alias with … Continue Reading