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How to import MSAS Cubes in Cognos Express 10.2.1

One of the new features with IBM Cognos Express (CX) 10.2.1 is that it supports Microsoft Analysis Services (MSAS) cubes. So we are going to demonstrate how you can import MSAS cubes in Cognos Express. Of course the process is the same for IBM Cognos Enterprise.

How to Import the New Visualisation Charts into IBM Cognos BI

The new visualisation engine from IBM (RAVE) looks amazing and within this article we will show you how to access the charts and use them within report studio. Note that they can be used in traditional reporting and active reports. First step is to go to Analytics Zone. This is an IBM site where you can download all the new visualisation charts, plus Cognos Insight, demos and much more.

How to import RAVE visualisations from Analytics Zone

For those who don’t know, The new visualization engine (RAVE) underpinning most of the IBM business analytics products is capable of some stunning visualisations. There is a gallery of sample visualisations on Analytics Zone (.com).

TM1 Tutorials remodelled with added analytics

I’m pleased to announce that TM1 has had a complete rebuild and today we have launched the new site, just in time for IBM Information On Demand (IOD). Please head on over to the new and improved TM1 and see for yourself what all the fuss is about! You can also track our progress at IOD by following @TM1Tutorials on twitter. The new TM1 Tutorials website is now … Continue Reading

How to use TM1 Attributes in Report Studio

TM1 best practice guides recommend using codes for creating hierarchies and using names as aliases. With TM1 it is also very common to work with various other attributes. But when you create a package with framework manager you can choose what alias you want to show in reports. So you normally use the name as default to show up in reports. But what if someone asks you to show in … Continue Reading