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The Pick List – How to Create and Use Picklists in TM1

Using Picklists in TM1 is a great way of ensuring data quality. We explain different types of pick lists, why you use & how to create each type of picklist so you can have in cell drop downs active inside TM1.

Creating Dynamic Subsets in TM1

Have you ever needed to have a TM1 subset that automatically includes all elements? What, I hear you say, doesn’t that always occur? Well no.  You can have static subsets (which is the default), or you can make dynamic subsets using MDX. And it’s easy! How to Create Dynamic Subsets using MDX Open Subset editor Turn on View, Expression Window Tools, Record Expression Manipulate elements to what you want Tools, … Continue Reading

What is a Set in a TM1 MDX Expression

A <set> in an MDX expression in TM1 refers to a group of elements.  Usually in TM1, this would be a subset in a dimension, although note that not all subsets are created by MDX.  So when using <set> in an MDX statement, usually you will refer to a subset of a dimension.

MDX in TM1 – a Basic Introduction

Here’s how to create dynamic subsets in TM1 by using recorded MDX, with an explanation of MDX.