Attributes String

ATTRS TM1 Function: How to Use and Syntax within TI and Rules

ATTRS Function for use in Rules and Turbo Integrator Processes in TM1 and Planning Analytics to retrieve the value of a string attribute.

ELISANC TM1 Function: Use, Syntax and Example

ELISANC Function for use in Rules and TI Processes in TM1 and Planning Analytics to test if one element is an ancestor of another. In other words, if one element is higher in a hierarchy than another element.

TM1 Performance Modeler Not Opening

I have been battling with opening Performance Modeler for a couple of weeks where I would start the…

How to Enable the TM1 Advanced Rules Editor

The TM1 Advanced Rules Editor colour codes different sections of TM1 rules and generally makes editing rules much easier. Here is how to enable the TM1 Advanced Rules editor.

The Infocube 10 Point TM1 Health-Check: Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Infocube TM1 Health Check.

Notepad++ for TM1 Rules & TI – Download – Updated!

Here is a downloadable Notepad++ language file for TM1 and Plannign Analytics. Use it to view syntax of TM1 Rules and Turbo Integrator processes in Notepad++.

Back to Basics – Regions in Rules

If there is one basic technical best practise which makes TM1 Solutions more straight-forward thus sustainable which is most often…

Rolling Forecast in IBM Cognos TM1

Recently, a client has asked to implement a rolling forecast model to move towards a more dynamic way…

3 Types of TM1 Rules All Developers Should Know

Here we discuss how to do three rules, all that should be in your TM1 kitbag. These include Allocation/Phase Rule, Rolling Value Rule and Averaging Rule (C Level). There are full explanations and the code used for the rule examples.

Adding Financial Local/Group Currency Logic

The purpose of this article is to describe how to add a Local/Group Currency system to a new…

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