Rule Best Practices

IF Rules in TM1: How to Use, Syntax and Examples

IF Function for use in Rules in TM1 and Planning Analytics, full syntax and examples of how to use nesting and alternative to nesting in Rules

Limiting a Rule to Active Scenarios Only

Today I wanted to update a rule so that the processing of the rule was limited only to those…

Commenting Out Rule and TI Lines

Every wondered how to comment out a Rule or Turbo Integrator process in TM1? Well today I needed…

How to Accumulate Values in TM1 for Rolling Forecast or Cashflow

Accumulating values in TM1 over multiple years. Cumulative values are very useful in a rolling forecast or cash flow calculation model. This shows in detail how to create a cumulative values with colour coded examples.


How to Use STET and CONTINUE in TM1 Rules

Using STET and CONTINUE in TM1 rules to indicate if the rule sheet should continue to execute for the current intersection. This is really useful to place at the top of the rules to limit what intersections are calculated.

Empty Square Brackets in a TM1 Rule

Ever wondered why some TM1 rules have empty square brackets (like this [ ] )? Well MafiaMan just explained…

Notepad++ for TM1 Rules & TI – Download – Updated!

Here is a downloadable Notepad++ language file for TM1 and Plannign Analytics. Use it to view syntax of TM1 Rules and Turbo Integrator processes in Notepad++.

Back to Basics – Regions in Rules

If there is one basic technical best practise which makes TM1 Solutions more straight-forward thus sustainable which is most often…

3 Types of TM1 Rules All Developers Should Know

Here we discuss how to do three rules, all that should be in your TM1 kitbag. These include Allocation/Phase Rule, Rolling Value Rule and Averaging Rule (C Level). There are full explanations and the code used for the rule examples.

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