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Days in Month – How to Easily Calculate in a TM1 Rule

Here we explain how to calculate the number of days in each month with a simple, but easy rule, using the DAYNO function and a Next Month attribute.

Foreign Exchange (FX) Translation in TM1

Simple foreign exchange translation method for use in TM1. Convert multiple currencies to multiple currencies easily using a simple FX rates cube and lookup of a cost centre or entity.

Operators in TM1 Rule IF Statements

Explanation and Example of “AND” and “OR” Operators in IF statements in TM1 Rules.

CubeProcessFeeders – Forcing TM1 to Reprocess Feeders

In the rules for many cubes we work with there are conditional feeders. These often cause us problems where the evaluated value changes from a zero to a non-zero value and the fed cell does not get initiated and therefore the rule does not calculate. Background on Feeders As you would undoubtedly be aware, TM1 is an in memory application and extremely efficient with utilising that memory. It is also … Continue Reading

Ambiguous Element Name: TM1 Rule Error

I recently opened a rule and made a very minor change, then wend to save it and got a really odd error that had nothing to do with the changes I had made to the rule. The error said “Error: Element name ambiguous ‘Current Year’”. This seemed rather odd as had not made any changes that had anything to do with time. Then I remembered that I had added an … Continue Reading

String Rules

I went to create a rule to calculate some string rules today and I kept getting a rule error saying that I had an invalid expression. Thankfully the solution was pretty easy! Situation I have a cube where I have an element that indicates if a set of days are to be included in a forecast inventory calculation or not. I could have combined all of this into a complex rule, however … Continue Reading

Deriving an Element from an Alias in TM1

Today I needed to look up an element name from an alias. The solution involved combining the use of Dimix and DimNm. Problem The situation was that I have a System Settings cube which derives the date and subsequently the year, month and day from the date. The month is string and in the form “03”. I wanted to add an element that is also string that shows the month … Continue Reading

Limiting a Rule to Active Scenarios Only

Today I wanted to update a rule so that the processing of the rule was limited only to those scenarios that are “active”.  I could have gone through each line in the rules and added specific references to the scenarios I want to be active in the scope of each line of the rules. What I wanted was to limit rules to work only on specific scenarios. I then thought of this. If … Continue Reading

Accumulating Values in TM1 for Rolling Forecast/Cashflow

Accumulating values in TM1 over multiple years. Cumulative values are very useful in a rolling forecast or cash flow calculation model. This shows in detail how to create a cumulative values with colour coded examples.

Empty Square Brackets in a TM1 Rule

Ever wondered why some TM1 rules have empty square brackets (like this [ ] )? Well MafiaMan just explained it to me.  Really simple, but also extraordinarily powerful.  What it means is that the all intersections of a cube are impacted by the rule. For example.  We wanted to limit the use of a set of rules to the children only of part of the business structure.  So we created a rule … Continue Reading