Rule Functions

DATE Function in TM1: Syntax and Use

The Date Function in TM1 converts a serial date from a number to a string. For example Date(13947 , 1); will return the string ‘1998-03-09’.

Operators in TM1 Rule IF Statements

Explanation and Example of “AND” and “OR” Operators in IF statements in TM1 Rules.

Skipcheck Article

What is Skipcheck in TM1?

Skipcheck in TM1 forces the TM1 engine to “skip the checking” of empty cells in a cube. For…

Concatenating Data in TM1 – How to Concatenate Variables in a TI or Rule

I was asked the other day how to concatenate some information in TM1. Joining two text fields is really…

TODAY TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

The TODAY function returns today’s date in a text string and allows you to define the year as either 2 or 4 characters.

STR TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

STR is a TM1 function that converts a number to string. It is very similar to the Excel…

DayNo TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

Here we are going to explain how to use the DAYNO TM1 function to convert a date as…

IF Rules in TM1: Use, Syntax and Examples

IF Function for use in Rules in TM1 and Planning Analytics, full syntax and examples of how to use nesting and alternative to nesting in Rules

RIGHT TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

If you are looking for the RIGHT function in TM1, you’ll find that it doesn’t actually exist! Instead it is a combination of SUBST and LONG functions. This post give’s a step-by-step explanation into how to achieve the same result in TM1.

LONG TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

The LONG function in TM1 returns the length of a string as a value.  It is similar to…

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