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Installing TM1 Top

Have you ever wanted to use TM1 Top with Cognos Express?  Well as of 10.2 it is not available by default in CX.  You might even be wondering why you would want to use TM1Top?  Well, if like me, you have created a process that has then sent the server into a tail spin and need to kill it, then you will need TM1 Top. The trick for installing TM1 … Continue Reading

Using TM1 Log Files

This is a great explanation of the different types of logging within TM1 for setting the different logging options to DEBUG mode.  This article was written for people to submit logs to support, however is a great explanation of logs in TM1. For most TM1 Logging, they can be modified so you are not recording at DEBUG level, but rather at a higher, less granular level. The source of this … Continue Reading

How to Restart TM1 Server Safely

Restarting a TM1 server is really easy. And really easy to do it badly. Here is our guide for how to restart a TM1 service safely. Enjoy!

TM1Top in Cognos Express

I had a runaway process in TM1 today.  Took 8 hours to complete with a minor error in it on each row… I then couldn’t kill it short of restarting the server.  TM1Top would have allowed me to kill this process and go back to work This great little tool shows what is happening in TM1 and what users are connected at any one time.  It does not come with Cognos Express … Continue Reading

TM1: Top N Elements from a Tuple

Writing MDX statements is a very helpful skill for a TM1 person, but what if you need to automate this task and generate many MDX statements? TI process in conjunction with excel formulas might save you in this tricky situation. Say the requirement is to have Top 5 lists of products in each product category or in each country or Top 3 products for Top 3 product categories. In this … Continue Reading