TI Functions

Turbo Integrator uses SQL like commands to interrogate data for loading into cubes or updating dimensions. This section gives detailed information about using TI functions and how they can be applied to real world examples.

Checking if a DimensionExists in a TM1 Model

To check if a dimension already exists in a TM1 model use the DimensionExists function in Turbo Integrator processes. Combine with IF and DimensionCreate.

AttrDelete TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

To delete an attribute in TM1 or Cognos Express during the execution of a Turbo Integrator process we use the…

AttrInsert TM1 Function: Use and Sytax

Sometimes we want to create a new attribute in TM1 dynamically during the execution of a TI process….

Concatenating Data in TM1 – How to Concatenate Variables in a TI or Rule

I was asked the other day how to concatenate some information in TM1. Joining two text fields is really…

CubeProcessFeeders – Forcing TM1 to Reprocess Feeders

In the rules for many cubes we work with there are conditional feeders. These often cause us problems…

ItemReject TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

Sometimes we want to put some custom text directly into the TM1 Message log to record why something…

ViewZeroOut TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

I came across this extremely simple method of just zapping the data from a view in a TM1 cube…

TODAY TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

The TODAY function returns today’s date in a text string and allows you to define the year as either 2 or 4 characters.

STR TM1 Function: Syntax and Use

STR is a TM1 function that converts a number to string. It is very similar to the Excel…

DayNo TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

Here we are going to explain how to use the DAYNO TM1 function to convert a date as…

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