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Children-MDX for Next Level Only of TM1 Element

Have you ever wondered how to generate a dynamic subset using MDX that contains JUST the immediate children of a parent from a TM1 dimension?

This is just so easy, but it uses a Microsoft MDX function which is supported by TM1, rather than a regular TM1 MDX expression.

MDX Syntax to Return the Children of a TM1 Member?

Simply use the syntax:

{[DimName].[Parent Element].Children}

Example of Required MDX

To illustrate with an example of a Customer dimension. We have a consolidation element FMCG. This then has, say Unilever, Kraft, Coca Cola, Pepsico, Goodman Fielder etc as children, then we would use:


This would then return only the immediate children of FMCG, but not FMCG itself. So the resulting dynamic MDX based set would include only Unilever, Kraft, Coke etc. and any other children of FMCG.

Exporting Values from TM1 using MDX

The nice this is that this MDX can then be used in a TI to export just these child elements. Nice!

IF you woudl like to read more about MDX in TM1, please see our primer here.

For more information on how you can export from TM1 using MDX, please get in touch with us at ExploringTM1 and we’ll be delighted to help!

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