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Using "cmplst" files to find the Exact Version and Fix Pack of TM1 Installed?

Sometimes we need to go further than just knowing the version of TM1 installed. We might need to know, for example, the exact version, fix pack and possibly even interim fix that has been installed. To get this information we need to find the “cmplst” file.

Where to find the cmplst files for TM1

The cmplst file (for Component List) is usually found in Program Files/IBM/Cognos/TM1_64/. This file lists all relevant version, fix and interim fix for everything installed from that folder down.

There is a separate cmplst file for each installation folder for Cognos and TM1. So if, for example, you have some 32 bit components installed, there will be an additional cmplst file for those.

Renaming them for IBM Support

When you need to send these files to IBM, we recommend that you copy them from the source folder into a repository for the support call. Then you rename them something like this cmplst-environment-server-folder. So if it came from Dev on the TM1 server, from the TM1 64 bit install folder, it would be named “cmplst-dev-tm1-tm1_64”. Then if you have 32 bit components installed on the same server, they would be named “cmplst-dev-tm1-tm1_32”.

Then be sure to explain to the support person what your naming scheme is!

Perspectives and Basic Server Version Info

If all you need to know is the basic version of TM1 on your server, check out this post. And if you’re only interested in the version of Perspectives, have a read here.

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