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Cognos Express 10.2.1 Fix Pack 3 Installation Issues

So a very frustrating day yesterday trying to install Cognos Express 10.2.1 Fix Pack 3 (FP3).

Previously I had applied FP3 to the server in question, however was surprised to find that required java files were not present when I went to adjust the settings to display jpg files in BI. So I logged a call with IBM and it became apparent that Fix Pack 3 of CX 10.2.1 had not been completely installed.

The agreed course of action was to roll CX back to the GA release (using the contents of the BKP folder inside the installation location), then reapply FP3 and see where we got to.

The first step was to take a VM snapshot, then take a TM1 backup, then a BI Content Store backup, then a Cognos Express backup and stored these outside of the Cognos Express installation folders (this is vital!).

Rolled back and resintall gave the same result. Poo.

So then I uninstalled Cognos Express and when prompted about removing everything said “no”, because I was going to reinstall. Then restarted, started the reinstall and was greeted by an error saying “INS-ERR-0057 ibm cognos analytic server admin service is already registered on the system. only one instance of this software can be installed” and I am dropped out of the installation”. Mmmm.  So checked services and sure enough, there were some left over services.

To resolve this situation, I then manually deleted all Cognos Express folders (noting my backups were outside of these folders) and used the “sc” DOS command to remove the redundant services.  Restarted the server and tried again.  Success!  Yay!

So now I have a blank CX 10.2.1 GA server.  Installed all the CX components, then did the Restore of the CX backup.  And was promptly locked out.  No logins worked.  Time: 10:00 pm.  Grrrr.  Removed CX and reinstalled again.  Importantly here I then took a CX backup of the blank system, then after that tried to restore the original system. Same problem.  Grrrr again. Now 11:00 pm.

So I hit Google and then found a reference to a manual restoration tool using DOS prompts.  Then restored the blank system backup and was able to login.  Then I applied FP3 and restored the original system and all was good in my world.

Apparently there are a couple of gotchas here:

  1. Do the FP3 installation with all services running, or it will fail.
  2. The security in CX changed between 10.2.1 GA release and FP3, meaning that you can’t install an FP3 core into a GA system – or you get locked out like I was.
  3. Don’t assume that when the installtion tool says “success”, that is has in fact installed everything – the components were not upgraded.
  4. Even though it appeared not to have applied FP3, it did apply it to the core and thus I was locked out when I restored.
  5. Make sure you have all the backups mentioned above in place before you go anywhere near an upgrade.
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John Vaughan

John Vaughan

John is a CPA, MBA and has been a Performance Management consultant for over 25 years. He is the founder of ExploringTM1 and highly regarded for his experience combining financial management with corporate planning, reporting and analysis. He lives in Sydney with his wife, two of his three children, their cat, Freckles, a bunch of chooks and some fish. John is a sports nut, who played rugby until he was 40, started playing football at 54 and loves being outdoors.

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