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Cognos Express 10.2.1 FP4 Complex Upgrade

Recently we did a gig upgrading a client to Cognos Express 10.2.1 FP4 from CX 10.1. In this upgrade was also a change of Cognos server, a change of domain, a new Active Directory server, a new database source with an upgrade of SQL Server. Needless to say it was complex with lots of traps.

One of those was the change in Active Directory. Each person identified by one AD has an internal ID, and that ID is namespace specific. So when we moved from one AD to a new AD server, all those ID’s were changed.

When we then did the restore of CX to the new server it “lost” all the identifiers associated with reports and schedules. This meant we had to manually go through each scheduled job and reschedule it with a user from the new AD server.

The next challenge was all the BI packages over TM1 cubes needed to be republished. The old packages were just not handling the change in security and although we could log on to them using Architect, we had problems with BI. We chose to do this republish via the Cognos BI Administration page, rather than the Cognos Express Manager data tab. Initially this was done with Dynamic Query Mode enabled. This all seemed fine until we found that a bunch of BI reports were not working. They were running, but it was as if all data was being filtered out.  So we recreated the packages and turned off Dynamic Query Mode and all then worked fine.

At the same time, we discovered that all the descriptions for elements were disabled, so we then manually chose the correct TM1 dimension attribute and assigned it to our language. Solved.

To make these package changes actually work, we then needed to go through each report, open it in report studio and refresh the package selection. Thankfully we had the Cognos meta data layer that we could refer to, rather than having to make changes to each report repeating the connection changes in each one!

This was a complex, multi faceted upgrade (as you can imagine), but we are now there and everyone is pleased with the result. Yay!

If you are looking for the full instructions from IBM on doing the CX 10.2.1 FP4 upgrade, please go to this link.

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