Concatenating Data in TM1 – How to Concatenate Variables in a TI or Rule

I was asked the other day how to concatenate some information in TM1. Joining two text fields is really easy!  Just use the pipe ( ” | ” ) between two variables and they will joined into one. There is nothing like the Excel Concatenate function in TM1.

How to Concatenate

Let’s say you have variable 1, sVariable1 = ‘Exploring’; and sVariable2 = ‘TM1’; then using sOutput = sVariable1 | sVariable2; will concatenate those two variable to ‘ExploringTM1’.

Obviously if you need to add other text, include that in single inverted commas and then insert a pipe between that text and your variables. For example use  sOutput = sVariable1 | sVariable2 | ‘ is great’; to get ‘ExploringTM1 is great’.

Pipes can be used in either TM1 Turbo Integrator processes or TM1 rules for the concatenation of data.

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