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Configure Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services SSL Certificate

This post guides you through how to configure an SSL certificate for Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Service (formerly known as TM1 Web). This provides you with a more secure interface for TM1Web


The following conditions must be met before you can configure SSL for Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services:

  • SSL certificate file must already be in PKCS12/PFX format and contain the complete certificate chain.
  • Place the certificate outside the TM1Web installation

Update SSL Certificate in server.xml

  1. Open the <tm1web installation location>/tm1web/wlp/user/servers/tm1web/server.xml. Determine which port you want to use for https, if you want to use port 9510 change the httpPort to -1 and update httpsPort to use 9510.
  2. Update the keystore parameter in the format as I have shown below.

<keyStore id=”defaultKeyStore” location=”E:Program Filesibmcognossslcertscertificate.pfx” password=”pfx_password” />


Importing SSL Certificate

Method 1 : Command Script

Run the following script as can be seen below:

keytool -importcert -keystore "<Location of SSL Certificate>certificate.pfx" -storepass pfx_password -storetype pkcs12 -noprompt -alias ibmtm1 -file ....bin64sslibmtm1.arm

Method 2 : IKeyman

Another method to registering the ssl certificate is utilising the ikeyman tool provided.

  1. Open <tm1 installation>/ibm/cognos/tm1web/bin64/jre/bin/ikeyman.exe as Administrator.
  2. Click on Open and select Key database type to PKCS12 and under File Name navigate to the folder where the pfx file is located.
  3. Enter the pfx password.
  4. Under drop down selection, change the drop down to Signer Certificate.
  5. Click Add and under File Name navigate to <tm1 installation>/ibm/cognos/tm1web/bin64/ssl and select ibmtm1.arm.
  6. Finally, enter a label for the keystore and click OK. Close the ikeyman, therefore will save when you alter anything.

If you are utilising Cognos Analytics for Planning Analytics security, check our post for using Cognos Analytics to Recognise Cognos Analytics SSL Certificate.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about installing Planning Analytics and configuring SSL Certificate, please reach out to us. We’d be delighted to help.

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