CubeSetLogChanges TM1 function: Syntax and Example

When we run a Turbo Integrator process in TM1, the Transaction Log will normally have a record written for each data change. To speed up the TI, we can turn off transaction logging for a TI using the command CubeSetLogChanges to set the logging properties for a specific cube. It can only be used in a TI process.

Syntax of CubeSetLogChanges

The syntax is:
CubeSetLogChanges ( Cube , LogChanges ); where:

  • Cube is the name of the cube that you want to set the logging for, and
  • LogChanges is either 0 or 1, where 0 is sets logging off and 1 sets logging on.


A quick example is


CubeSetLogChanges ( 'Gross Profit', 0 );

where this turns off the transaction log for the Gross Profit cube while the TI runs.


CubeSetLogChanges ( 'Gross Profit', 1 );

where this turns back on the transaction log for the Gross Profit cube after running the TI.

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