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CubeSpy TM1 Server Monitor – Open Beta Release!

CubeSpy Server Monitor provides TM1 Administrators with visibility and notifications about what their TM1 Servers are doing.


  • Connect to Multiple TM1 Servers of Different Versions.
  • Monitor as many TM1 Servers as you have.
  • Profile Creation – Group Servers by Version, Location.
  • Windows Tray Icons Displaying Server Queues Graph with Color Coding
  • Monitor User Idle Time as well as Standard Activity Time.
  • Broadcast Messages to all users on a Server.
  • View Server activity at a glimpse using the Activity Spark Bars.
  • Server Monitor Dashboard which displays all active Server Spark Bars.
  • Copy Usernames, User Activity to the Clipboard.
  • Windows Notifications if/when a Server Stops Communicating with Clients (Server Shutdown or Crash)
  • Windows Notifications when more than a definable amount of users (default is 1) are waiting in a queue on the TM1 Server.
  • CubeSpy Agent – a heavy duty TM1 Server monitor with embedded statistics database. This application can be installed server side as a NT Service.

CubeSpy Screenshots:
Image Additional Screenshot


CubeSpy Agent Screenshots:
Monitoring User Load: 12
Event Reporting: 1

Download Link: Download Now
Issues Register: Click to View
To access the issues register no account is required but write access needs to be requested (via automagical google button). It will be approved within 12 hours.

*Standard Non-Liability Disclaimer Applies upon Download.
**The beta license is valid for 2 months.


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