DataSourceCubeView: Syntax, Use and Example

Another piece of the puzzle of setting up an AsciiOutput is to define a view and then export that view.

Why would you do this?  Well, you can either go through a series of IF statements in your metadata or data tab checking each record to see if it satisfies a long list of criteria (e.g. if the Account is Sales and if the Scenario is Actual etc.), or you can define a view in the prolog and then use that view for the AsciiOutput.

Syntax of DataSourceCubeView

The syntax is:


Very simple eh!

The trick here is to define your view in the TI, then set the data source to this view.

View Definition

The view you use can be either manually defined, or defined in the TI. We have a TI that automatically creates a view using the elements or MDX you define. From there you can use that view to do the AsciiOutput below.

This View Create TI is a really clever piece of code, so if you would like a copy, please email us and we will send it to you.


On Prolog:


On Metadata or Data


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