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How to Determine the TM1 Perspectives Version Installed

Finding out the version of TM1 Perspectives is easy. TM1 Perspectives is an Excel Addin that gives great functionality for using TM1 information in Excel to create forms and reports that refresh automatically with the latest data from TM1.

Here is what you need to do to determine what version of Perspectives you have installed:

  1. Navigate to the Program Files/TM1/bin folder.
  2. Find the file tm1prc.dll (for Perspectives).
  3. Right click on tm1prc.dll and choose Properties.
  4. From the Version tab check the Product Version.

If you need to know the version of TM1 installed on a server, please follow this link.

Or, if you need to know how to use the “cmplst” file, take a read of this post.

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