How to Determine the TM1 Version Installed on a Server

We are often asked how do I know what version of TM1 I am using?

Well here is how you determine the TM1 version you have installed on a server (if you are looking for the version of TM1 Perspectives, follow this link).

So here is the method to find out what version of TM1 you have installed on your server:

  1. Go to your TM1 installation directory. This is usually Program Files/IBM/cognos/tm1_64.
  2. Find either the file tm1s.exe or tm1sd.exe. It’ll be in the bin64 folder for a 64 bit install, or just the bin folder for a 32 bit system.
  3. Right click the exe and select Properties.
  4. Click the details tab and note the Product version number.

If you only have Perspectives installed, then follow this link and if you need to know the exact version and fix packs installed, read this link about cmplst files.

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