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Rule Functions
John Vaughan

Top 10 TM1 Rule Functions

We ran a survey to identify the Top 10 TM1 Rule functions. The results are interesting, and, dare I say it a little surprising! Here’s the results and links to

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John Vaughan

Virtual Dimensions (Hierarchies)

Hierarchies, or Virtual Dimensions, are a really great way of adding significant analytic capability to your TM1 model. With them, you are effectively adding new dimensions to your cube, without

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Cognos Analytics
John Vaughan

Cognos Analytics and TM1

Here is a selection of our blog posts on using Cognos Analytics (Cognos BI) over the top of TM1 cubes. Now for over ten years, IBM has owned Cognos and

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Excel Reports
John Vaughan

Dates and Time in TM1

This series focusses on the manipulation and use of date and time in TM1 and Planning Analytics. We cover not only the functions, but also how to set your TM1

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