Changing Element Order in a TM1 Dimension

TM1 has a feature that allows you to change the order of elements in a dimension (note this is changing element order in a dimension, not changing the order of dimensions in a cube, which is covered here).

To change the order of elements in a dimension:

  1. Open the Dimension Editor (not Subset Editor),
  2. Modify the order of elements,
  3. Click Set Dimension Order button, and
  4. Then save the dimension.

Warning when Changing the Order of Elements

Changing the element order in a dimension changes the internal index number of elements in the dimension. The index value is set when you click on the Set Dimension Order button in the Dimension Editor. Note that doing this may invalidate any rule, process or excel functions (such as ELPAR or DIMNM) that reference a specific index ID and may need to be changed.

Changing the Order of Some Elements Only

You can also change the order of a subset of elements within the context of the entire dimension, rather than the all elements of a dimension (but noting that the index for all elements may be impacted). To do this:

  • Select the elements you want to change the order of.
  • Select Edit, Keep, so now only those elements are highlighted
  • Change the order to what you want
  • Click the Set Dimension Order button

Automatic Element Order

You can also right click on a dimension and set the order to Automatic, by either Name, Level or Hierarchy. This will also change the index values, so be careful if you use any index referencing functions.

Setting Element Order via TI

Finally, you can also set the order using a Turbo Integrator process using the DimensionSortOrder function.

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