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ELISPAR TM1 Function: Use and Syntax

ELISPAR stands for ELelemnt IS PARent, in other words, is one element in a dimension a parent of another. It is testing to see if one element is the child of another and return either a 1 if it is true or a 0 if false. Note, that this is not ELISANC, Element is Ancestor, which test if an element is an ancestor at any level, not just the immediate parent.

Syntax of ELISPAR

The syntax is:

ELISPAR (DimName, parent, child);

Where you are testing if parent is the immediate parent of child in the dimension.

Example of ELISPAR in a TM1 Rule

Another example would be

ELISPAR ('Account','PNL899','41200').

As you can see from the above screenshot, account 41200 is not an immediate child of PNL499. Therefore ELISPAR would return a 0.


Another example is ELISPAR (‘Month’,’Full Year’,’Jan’) will return 1 for true if “Jan” is an immediate child of “Full Year”.  If (for whatever reason) “Jan” was not a child of “Full Year”, the expression would return 0. We can then use that outcome in an IF statement so that if if the result is, say, 1, then run a rule, an if not, Continue.

This function can be used in both TM1 Rules and TI processes.

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