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ELPARN TM1 Function: How to Use and Syntax

ELPARN stands for Element Parent Number, in other words how many parents does an element have.

Syntax of ELPARN

The syntax is:

ELPARN(dimension, element);


  • dimension is a valid dimension name, and
  • element is the name of an element within the dimension or the name of an alias for an element in a dimension

Example of the Use of ELPARN

ELPARN ( ‘Customer’,’Freds Corner Store’);

If Fred’s Corner Store is a child in one rollup only in the Customer dimension, this will return the number 1. If, however, it was a child in two rollups (for example All Customers and All Customers by Channel), then it would return a 2.

Use at Root Level

If ELPARN was used on an element at Root level, what would it return? Well, as it has no parents (assuming it was not part of another rollup), then it would return a zero.

That is useful if you are trying to determine if an element is a root level element of not.


ELPARN can be used in both rules and TI processes.

Note this is not ELPAR!. Please see this post for ELPAR.

Do You Need Help with Elements in Rules, TI’s or Excel Worksheets?

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