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Empty Square Brackets in a TM1 Rule

Ever wondered why some TM1 rules have empty square brackets (like this [ ] )?

Well MafiaMan just explained it to me.  Really simple, but also extraordinarily powerful.  What it means is that the all intersections of a cube are impacted by the rule.

For example.  We wanted to limit the use of a set of rules to the children only of part of the business structure.  So we created a rule that read:

[ ] = N: IF ( ELISANC ( ‘Planning Cost Centre’, ‘BMFA’, !PlanningCostCentre ) = 1, Continue, Stet );

The way this reads is that if the current cost centre is a child of BMFA, then continue with the rest of the rules, otherwise don’t do anything.

The use of Empty Square Brackets in rules are often referred to as Limitation rules and are often used to make a rule only process if a certain scenario is active.

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