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Exercise: TM1 Sales Cube Challenge

Design and build a cube to report on Sales based on the given file.

Exercise Sales Data: Sales Sample Data.xls

The solution design must cater for the following objectives:

  • Enables reporting of Units Sold, Gross and Net Sales Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold and Gross Margin as a Percentage of Gross Sales.
  • Enables reporting by Month, Country, Continent, Product, Brand and Sales Channel. (Day is Optional)
  • Descriptive Aliases should be added to the relevant dimensions providing “Name” and a “No – Name” options.

Example: Account 60000 should have the name alias of “Salaries – Permanent Staff” and the “no – name” alias of “60000 – Salaries – Permanent Staff”

The solution design must utilise the following TM1 components:

  • Turbo Integrator – For Importing the raw sales data (This worksheet needs to be exported as a CSV File). Note: For this exercise, Dimensions may be built manually.
  • TM1 Cube Rules – For the cube calculations.
  • TM1 Perspectives for Excel – for Standard Reports.

The solution must have the following TM1 outputs:

  • A static report displaying Units Sold for each product (with subtotals for brands and “Total Products”) across 12 months. (All other fields should be changeable via SUBNM formulas)
  • A static report displaying Units Sold, Gross Sales and Cost of Goods Sold for each country (with subtotals for Continent and “Worldwide”) across 12 months. (All other fields should be changeable via SUBNM formulas)

Solution development notes:

  • The use of a single Time Dimension or a split Year and Month dimensions are both acceptable.
  • Data accuracy will be taken into account.
  • Feel free to add additional hierarchies or utilize TM1 functionality to create a more sustainable, robust or functional solution.

Exercise Feedback:

Once completed, write up your findings as if you are in a consulting engagement and send the model and your report to [email protected]. All feedback is confidential and will not be shared with any 3rd party.

License Disclaimer:

You must have a valid license to use IBM Cognos TM1, a perspectives license typically allows you to run local TM1 Servers which can be used for this exercise. ExploringTM1.com does not endorse or promote the use of TM1 without a license.

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