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How to Calculate SUMIF in TM1

IBM does not provide a native function to calculate SUMIF in TM1. How do I calculate SUMIF in TM1 and perform a sum of values based on a user input? How to Calculate SUMIF in TM1 based on User Input Let’s say I want to calculate sum of the values based on the data entry […]

How to use DefineCalc to Create a User Defined Calculation

One of the most useful features of TM1 is the ability for users to create custom rollups, by way of User Defined Consolidation (UDC). Unfortunately, this feature is only available in Perspectives and Architect. That is, until now. Introducing DefineCalc. DefineCalc is a function in IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel (PAfE), that allows users […]

How to Install Mirantis Container Runtime (Docker) on Windows Server 2019

If you need to install Mirantis Container Runtime (formerly known as Docker) to Windows Server 2019, there are few steps to follow. This post takes you through the steps to download the software and install it onto Windows Server 2019. Mirantis Container Runtime License First up, note that you don’t need a Mirantis license to […]

TM1 Cell Security: How To Do It and Best Practices

TM1’s security can be as simple or as complex as you need. We tend to start with the broadest possible definition of security and then refine it down to the specific, to the cell if required. TM1 cell security places an overhead for your administrator to manage as it can get complex, not only within […]

TM1 RoundUp Function: Method, Syntax and Use

The RoundUp function doesn’t exist in TM1 like it does in Excel. However, here is a really simple method to achieve exactly the same outcome. TM1 RoundUp Method The method to achieve in TM1 what is available in Excel via the RoundUp function uses the INT function and some clever usage of negatives. Here it […]

How to Limit PAX for Specific Remote Desktop Users

We have a client who operate remote desktop centrally for all their users – so most people don’t have, say, Microsoft Office installed directly on their local desktop. The exception is some laptops, but even then when they need to access shared resources, they need to connect to remote desktop to gain access to shared […]

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