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First TM1 Feeder!

So I just added my first ever Feeder in TM1.  Woah, that was confusing.  But I’ll get over it and it worked first go!  Let me explain.

I have a cube, Opex, that is to be used in a rolling forecast model for forecasting Operating Expenses.  I have a Scenario dimension with Actual and Current Forecast in it (amongst others).  I have a TI script that is loading Actual values from a very highly detailed cube into this planning cube. There is a System Assumptions cube where current month and year are defined.

I then created a rule that sets the value of Current Forecast to be the same as Actual where the period is less than the current month.  Thus if we are in September, then I want all previous periods to show the Actual value.  The rule was correct, but I was showing no values in Current Forecast.  Then a light bulb moment.  I had a SKIPCHECK inserted at the start of the rule.  I understood that the purpose of a Feeder is to open up cells in a cube (by default the cells are not available for use in calculations and need Feeders to open them up – thus maintaining memory efficiency and speed in TM1).

So I created a Feeder.  I stated on the left side the area of the cube that did have data (ie Actual) and on the right the area that I wanted to have data (Current Forecast) and limited it to my measure.  Thus my feeder was simply:

[‘Actual’,’Amount’] => [‘Current Forecast’,’Amount’];

And bingo. It worked. My first ever Feeder!

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