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First TM1 Feeder!

So I just added my first ever Feeder in TM1.  Woah, that was confusing.  But I’ll get over it and it worked first go!  Let me explain.

I have a cube, Opex, that is to be used in a rolling forecast model for forecasting Operating Expenses.  I have a Scenario dimension with Actual and Current Forecast in it (amongst others).  I have a TI script that is loading Actual values from a very highly detailed cube into this planning cube. There is a System Assumptions cube where current month and year are defined.

I then created a rule that sets the value of Current Forecast to be the same as Actual where the period is less than the current month.  Thus if we are in September, then I want all previous periods to show the Actual value.  The rule was correct, but I was showing no values in Current Forecast.  Then a light bulb moment.  I had a SKIPCHECK inserted at the start of the rule.  I understood that the purpose of a Feeder is to open up cells in a cube (by default the cells are not available for use in calculations and need Feeders to open them up – thus maintaining memory efficiency and speed in TM1).

So I created a Feeder.  I stated on the left side the area of the cube that did have data (ie Actual) and on the right the area that I wanted to have data (Current Forecast) and limited it to my measure.  Thus my feeder was simply:

[‘Actual’,’Amount’] => [‘Current Forecast’,’Amount’];

And bingo. It worked. My first ever Feeder!

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John Vaughan

John Vaughan

John is a CPA, MBA and has been a Performance Management consultant for over 25 years. He is the founder of ExploringTM1 and highly regarded for his experience combining financial management with corporate planning, reporting and analysis. He lives in Sydney with his wife, two of his three children, their cat, Freckles, a bunch of chooks and some fish. John is a sports nut, who played rugby until he was 40, started playing football at 54 and loves being outdoors.

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