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How do Delete a TM1 Service

Sometimes we need to delete a TM1 service. After changing the name for a TM1 model, for example, we may be left with a Windows Service still existing for the old model. This post tells you how to remove a TM1 service that is no longer required.

If you are looking for instruction on how to rename a TM1 model, please go to this post.

Process to Delete a TM1 Service

In the screenshot below we have set up a TM1 service that we now want to delete. It is called “Test_to_Delete”.

To remove this Windows Service:

  1. Stop the service in Services.
  2. Right click on the service and copy the service name.
  3. Open a command prompt as an Administrator.
  4. Enter “sc delete servicename“, and press enter, where servicename is the name of the TM1 service that will be deleted (note this is not the Display name, but the Service name from Properties in Services). In our example it the full command would be  “sc delete test_to_delete”.
  5. Note that if your service has a space in it, then you need to enter the service name in inverted commas.
  6. Review the confirmation that the TM1 service deletion was successful.
  7. Go back to Services and refresh. The TM1 service should no longer be listed.
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