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How to Add Users to IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud

As part of the administration of IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud, the TM1 administrator needs to set up users. In this post we will run through how to add users to IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud, then how to assign them rights to access the different TM1 applications (models) you have on your server.

Steps to Add Users to IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud

Time needed: 30 minutes

These are the steps required to add users to IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud

  1. Create CSV

    Create a CSV file with a list of all your new users. This file needs to have the following column titles exactly:

    Login ID, First Name, Last Name, Role, Environment, Directive.

    The Role is either Analyst or Consumer.

    The environment is exactly as stated in your Welcome Kit. It needs to be the Production environment initially and then after the user is activated, you can assign them rights to the Non Production environment.

    The Directive is either to Add or Remove.

  2. Import Users

    Navigate to Planning Analytics Administration, click into Users and then click the little Upload button. From there you can either drop your CSV on the blue text or navigate to upload it. Once you have selected your CSV, hit the red Import button and your users will be imported.

  3. Invite Users

    You now need to invite your users and they need to accept the invitation. Select the users you want to invite – in this case me, assign the role as Consumer and hit the Send Invitation button.

  4. Assign a Subscription

    After you hit Invite above, you will now be prompted to select a subscription licence to assign to the user(s). Here I have chosen IBM Planning Analytics User. With that chosen, hit the Invite button.

  5. Accept Invitation

    The users now need to accept the invitation. If they have not previously setup an IBM ID, they will need to do that. For instructions on setting up an IBM ID for Planning Analytics Users, please see this post.

    Once they have accepted the invitation, they will be “Activated”. They still don’t have any rights in TM1, so those are the next steps.

  6. Assign Environment

    Select the users you want to assign rights for. On the right side of the screen it will show the environments already assigned. In the screenshot below, I already have rights to the Production environment and it is listed as my “Primary environment”. Click the Manage button at the bottom of the window to assign rights to other environments, such as Non Production.

  7. Select Environments to Add

    You will now be presented with a list of other environments. There is only one in this server and we are selecting that and then clicking Save at the bottom. This adds this to the user (me).

  8. User Login with Environment Selection

    Now your users can login to Planning Analytics. When they do they will be presented with a selection of the environments they have access to. That actually only gets them into Planning Analytics, it doesn’t give them any rights in any model on the server. We still need to assign those TM1 rights.

  9. Manage Users in Application

    We now have users with server, or environment, access. They don’t, however, have any access to any models on the server, or any cubes or data in a model. The first step to overcome that is to ad them as users to a model. Right click on the model name and select Manage Users and Groups.

  10. Add Users to Application

    Once the Users and Groups view is open, click the little person icon in the toolbar. This will allow you to then select users to add to a model (or application).

  11. Select Users to Add to an Application

    Choose the users you want to add, then click the Add button in the bottom right corner.

  12. Assign Users to Groups

    The final step is where we need to assign users to groups in TM1. Your new users will be listed from the previous step. Now you need to right click on the intersection of a group and user and select Assign User(s) to Group(s).

Single Signon with Active Directory

Do you use Microsoft’s Active Directory? Do you want your users to be able to just go to Planning Analytics and automatically login, without having to remember their IBM ID password? Well you can. As the TM1 administrator, you need to enable Federated Authentication with IBM, so your AD User ID’s are passed dynamically to the Planning Analytics server. Call us if you need help!

Need Help?

We have migrated many clients to IBM Planning Analytics Cloud. If you need any help with your migration, or just a tip how to make it work a bit smoother, please get in touch. We’d love to help.

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