How to Backup Planning Analytics Workspace

Current as at PAW 2.0.68. Here are some simple instructions for backing up Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW). This is a really good idea before you perform an upgrade to PAW.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Backing Up Planning Analytics Workspace

  1. Open PowerShell as an Administrator

  2. Navigate to the PAW installation folder of the version to be backed up (prior version if upgrading)

  3. Enter

    ./scripts/backup.ps1 backupfoldername (for Windows) or
    ./scripts/ backupfoldername (for Linux)
    If you have not entered a filename for the backup, it will be backed up into the Backups folder and will use the current date and time stamp.

  4. Backup Progress

    Your backup will then commence and will take a number of minutes. It will stop services, back up the databases and then restart the services.

  5. Backup Complete

    Once your backup is complete, PowerShell will display a message like the following success message.

To restore a Planning Analytics Workspace backup, please see this post.

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