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How to Change Elements in a Quick Report in PAX/PAfE


To change and replace an existing member (sometimes known as an element) within a Planning Analytics for Excel (PAX/PAfE) Quick Report there are three primary methods.

Methods to Change Elements in a Quick Report

1. Type Over the Top

Type the name of the required member (element) in the cell of the member being replaced. Remember that the member’s name should be input as it appears in the source dimension.

2. Use Set Editor to Change Quick Report Elements

Use the Set Editor to replace a member or members in a Quick Report. To use this method:

  1. Open the Set Editor by double-clicking the element to replace.
  2. In the left pane of the Set Editor (available members) select the new desired member or members, if you want multiple members in the selected members.
  3. Click the replace icon (replace set with new intersection)
  4. Apply and close

3. Drag from Task Pane

The next method to change members in a Quick Report is by dragging the required member from the Task Pane to the cell for the replacement. This method works for members in the row region, column region, and context area.

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