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Maximum Password Retries in TM1: How to Change it!

Sometimes we will need to change the number of retries allowed for a user (or an admin) to login to TM1. There is a function in tm1s.cfg that allows you to do reset the maximum number of attempts a password can be retried. And the good news is that it is dynamic – so you don’t need to restart the model! This is especially useful when you are the admin and you have maxed out your retries and don’t want to have to restart the model.

Maximum Retries Reached for a TM1 Login

Time needed: 1 minute

Here is how to change the maximum password retries in a TM1 model

  1. Open tm1s.cfg

    Go to the config folder folder for TM1 (or data if tm1s.cfg is in there) and open it.

  2. Find MaximumLoginAttempts

  3. Increase the Allowed Steps

    Increase the property “MaximumLoginAttempts” by at least one. This is changed dynamically and the model does not require a restart.

You should now be able to have at least another go at entering your password before hitting the maximum retries limit again.

Model Restart

Of course, the other alternative is to just restart the model (restart the service). Then you don’t need to change the config file. If you do restart the model, make sure you SaveData first though!

This will work with any Security Mode. Enjoy!

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