TM1s.cfg & How to Create a TM1 Model – A Best Practice Guide

Updated for Planning Analytics. A comprehensive guide for setting up a new TM1/Planning Analytics model (server). This guide to creating new TM1 models includes a downloadable tm1s.cfg, suggested edits to the tm1s.cfg, folder structure, Cognos Configuration settings and screenshots of all steps.

Creating a New TM1 Server

To create a new server you must first create a data directory, this directory must have at very least a configuration file, ‘tm1s.cfg’.

The configuration file (tm1s.cfg) must specify:

  • Server Name
  • Data Directory
  • Logging Directory
  • Server Port

In addition you should include the following:

  • HTTP Port
  • Security Mode

Finally, you might like to add as a minimum:

  • MTQ (for multi threaded queries)
  • Use Excel Dates
  • Enable Sandboxes
  • Enable Persistent Feeders

Here is a screenshot of the key modifications made to our test system:

Minimum TM1s.cfg configuration.

Download ExploringTM1's Recommended TM1s.cfg

Please note that it is NOT the same as IBM's sample and has been configured for what we think is a good starting point for creating a new model.

The IBM sample contains 400 odd lines of text that explain each parameter in detail. Download it so you can refer to what the parameters do and see the correct syntax easily.

Note as well that there are well over a hundred different parameters you can insert into tm1s.cfg. Please see this link for a full explanation of each one.

TM1 Server Folder Structure

The typical directory structure of an Application Server is as follows:


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