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How to Delete Users from Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW)

If you are using Planning Analytics Workspace local, deleting users from PAW is a pain in the bum. It certainly is not obvious what to do. Terhe are a few steps to do involving both the backend of PAW and the front end.

Unfortunately, on the PAW Local version you CANNOT just select a user and delete them.

As background, users are, by default, automatically added to PAW when they login, based their security settings from TM1. Then, by default, they cannot be deleted from PAW without doing the following.

How to Delete Users from PAW

Time needed: 30 minutes

Steps to delete users added Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW)

  1. On the PAW server, navigate to your install location and then the config folder.

    Navigate to something like E:/PAW/PAW_2069/config. This is the location of the files that are used to manage PAW.

  2. Make a copy of the paw.ps1 file

    This is just so we have a backup.

  3. Edit paw.ps1 from the config folder (NOT the scripts folder).

    Use a text editor such as Notepad++

  4. Add a line at the end and save paw.ps1.

    Add $env:ENABLE_USER_IMPORT=”False” as the last line of the file and save the file. This will turn off the automatic addition of users when they first login to Planning Analytics Workspace.

  5. Open PowerShell as an Administrator and navigate to your PAW install

    So navigate to something like E:/PAW/PAW_2069/

  6. Enter ./scripts/paw and hit enter

    This will restart Planning Analytics Workspace and incorporate ether changes you have just made to paw.ps1. Make sure you give PAW enough time to restart. This could take 15 or 20 minutes or so and just be patient and wait for the “done” messages to appear in the PowerShell window.
    Now you are ready to go into PAW itself and you can delete the users you want to get rid of.

  7. Delete users from PAW

    Open PAW and navigate to Administration/Users and Groups. Select the users you want to remove and then click the Trash can icon in the toolbar.

  8. You then need to reverse the changes to paw.ps1

    Go back to the text editor and remove the line you just added: $env:ENABLE_USER_IMPORT=”False”

  9. Restart PAW (again)

    Now go back to your PowerShell session and rerun ./scripts/paw.ps1. This will restart PAW, remove the ability to delete users and reinstate the automatic addition of users to PAW when they login.

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